Zabe -vs- Wize -vs- Melissa – Episode 145 – Trivia Podcast

In this lively episode of ‘Stuff I Never Knew,’ host Jeff Revilla brings the excitement of International Podcast Day with a special game show titled ‘Who said that?’

He is joined by three vibrant guests:

Wize Otero
Wize in da AM

Who Will Save Generation X? The Podcast

Melissa Mancini Burbridge
Raise the Anchor

Our Categories Tonight:
ROUND 2: Hey Pumpkin, Mystery Candy, Spooky Songs + Name 5!
ROUND 3: Haunted Buzzers

All 3 of my guests partake in this thrilling game of wits and knowledge, centered around charming quotes from iconic characters. The episode is bursting with energy as each guest takes their turn, aiming to score points through a series of Halloween-themed trivia categories.

Wize showcases his trivia skills and talks about his new morning show ‘Wise in da AM’, bringing an infectious enthusiasm to the game. ‘Hey Pumpkin,’ ‘Mystery Candy,’ and ‘Spooky Songs’ are just some of the categories Wize excels in, while also managing to name five classic monsters.

Melissa, with her background as a nurse and entrepreneur, brings her A-game, especially when it comes to naming five Halloween movies and finally guessing the Michael Jackson hit ‘Thriller.’

Zabe, a fellow podcast host with a passion for Generation X, impresses with his knowledge of pumpkins, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Halloween symbols, keeping viewers on their toes. The scoreboard reflects a tight competition, captivating listeners as the episode progresses towards the final round, where points are paramount and coy clues abound.

The intensity mounts as each guest buzzes in to stake their claim on trivia about fictional characters and Halloween favorites.

Ultimately, the camaraderie, friendly banter, and the quest for trivia supremacy make this episode a must-listen for anyone who revels in game shows, pop culture, and a dash of spooky knowledge.

As the game concludes, Zabe reigns victorious, but there’s plenty of praise and recognition to go around as each guest shares their personal ventures.

For those at home seeking an episode brimming with fun, facts, and a festive spirit, this episode of Stuff I Never Knew’ delivers an enthralling experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

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