Dina -vs- Mike Tucci Designs -vs- Dave – Episode 144 – Trivia Game!

Welcome to Episode 144 of the Stuff I Never Knew Trivia Game Show Podcast! In this exciting episode, our host Jeff Revilla is joined by three fantastic guests: Dina, Mike, and Dave.

We will dive into these questions:
Which river carved the Grand Canyon?
What is a ‘laufmaschine’?
Will there be more references to Back To The Future or to Mike Tucci’s artwork?

The theme of Round 1 is all about the fascinating world of McDonald’s and the unique items they sell around the globe. As our guests compete to guess which country each item was sold in, the competition heats up and the trivia knowledge is put to the test.

Join us as we dive into the world of global fast food and uncover the surprising menu items that McDonald’s has to offer. So sit back, relax, and get ready for a fun-filled and informative episode of Stuff I Never Knew!

We’ve got 3 new rounds of trivia planned for you on this episode:
ROUND 1: Around the World!  Which Country Sells This McDonald’s Item
ROUND 2:  Finish this BTTF Movie Quote, 2000 Boy Bands, Famous Rivers
Battle Buzzer Flash Round!

My Guests Tonight are:

The Love Pod

Mike Tucci
Mike Tucci Designs

In the Pocono Mountains
(May or may not be concealing the location of Pretzel Cones

In this episode of the “Stuff I Never Knew” Trivia Game Show Podcast, host Jeff Revilla welcomes three guests: Dina, Mike, and Dave. The episode kicks off with the catchy theme music before Jeff introduces the game for the night.

The game revolves around McDonald’s menu items from around the world. Jeff reads out the name of a menu item and provides two countries as options. The guests have to guess which country the item was sold in. The first item, the Bacon Macaroni and Cheese Toasty, stumps Dina, who guesses Canada but is proven incorrect when the correct answer is revealed to be Hong Kong.

As the game progresses, the guests take turns guessing the countries for various McDonald’s menu items. Mike correctly identifies Italy as the country where the Tomato and Mozzarella Turnovers were sold, while Dave guesses the Philippines correctly for the Chicken McDew with Spaghetti item. Dina redeems herself by correctly guessing Canada as the country for the McLobster.

The game continues with more rounds and questions about Back to the Future movie quotes, boy bands, famous rivers, and other topics. Mike and Dave perform well, while Dina manages to stay in the game with her correct answers. The guests also have an opportunity to earn bonus points by naming items in various categories, such as spices and social media platforms.

Towards the end of the episode, Dina is in the lead, followed closely by Mike and Dave. They enter the final round, where Jeff presents a series of vague questions for them to answer. The guests buzz in to guess the answers, with each clue worth varying point values. The tension rises as they try to gain points and avoid losing any. Dave emerges as the winner with the highest score.

Throughout the episode, there are playful interactions among the guests and the host, with shoutouts to Mike’s artwork and Dina promoting Mike’s art website and their Love Pod podcast. The episode concludes with Jeff thanking the guests and inviting listeners to sign up for future episodes of the podcast.