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Once you purchase an ad, you own it for life. It will never be removed. The way our ad prices are structured is that the cost for an ad will grow as our audience size grows. Now is the time to lock in these prices!

Stuff I Never Knew ads are great for:
Promoting Products
Wishing a friend a happy birthday
Shout out for a cause
Anything you want* (has to be super cool, no hate or violence)

For as low as $20 your ad placement includes:

  • Live Read or Pre-recorded spot during the live show
  • Mention during the show
  • Link on the show notes page
  • Included in the audio podcast
  • Image (if provided) in the show notes on the website

Our ad rates are super simple: $20 Per Average 1000 Downloads.
Total Number of Downloads / Total Number of Shows. = Average Downloads Per Episode:

These numbers are calculated each month, but can be locked in for a period of up to 90 days

For June 2020 those numbers are
127,427 Downloads / 72 Episodes = 1789 average downloads per episode

We have 2 ad placements
– Silver
– Platinum

For Silver ad spots we round down to the nearest 1000. So, 1,789 average downloads would bill at 1000 downlods. These are only $20 per ad.

For Platinum spots, we take the exact number of per thousand downloads. In that case, the billing would be 1.789 x $20 or $35 per spot per episode.

Still not following all my #math!?!?! Here it is in a handy dandy chart

Standard Ad PlacementPremium Ad Placement
Sponsor 1st Round$20
Sponsor 2nd Round$20
Sponsor Final Round$20
Pre-Roll Host Read Ad$35
Sponsor Scoreboard $35
Donate!Any AmountYou Want!

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