“Bob -vs- Tyler -vs- Izzy” – Episode 153 – Trivia Game Show Podcast

In the enthralling Episode 153 of ‘Stuff I Never Knew,’ titled ‘Bob -vs- Tyler -vs- Izzy,’ listeners were treated to a captivating game show experience hosted by Jeff Revilla.

My Guests Tonight are:
Izzy Baker
P.S.A. The Mental Health Podcast

Bob LeMent
Static Radio

Geek Talk with Tyler

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The episode kicked off with a quirky game titled ‘Was it Invented by an Albanian or an Alabamian?’ Contestants Bob from Static Radio, voice talent Tyler, and podcaster Izzy were to identify the origin of various inventions.

Bob took an early lead with windshield wipers while Tyler stumbled with internet-connected vending machines, but he rebounded with nitric oxide’s role in blood vessels. Izzy, the podcaster and ghostwriter from Houston, banked on tungsten filaments for color photography. Interestingly, all three contestants had a rough time distinguishing inventions, ending the round with Bob at 1 point and both Tyler and Izzy at 2 points each.

In round two, the guests shared insights into their work and passions. Tyler discussed his roles at Home Depot, hosting ‘Geek Talk with Tyler,’ and his voiceover lessons. Whereas Izzy enlightened everyone with her ghostwriting service and vlogs on entrepreneurial life. In the heart of the game, ‘Liquid Connections,’ contenders found themselves tied in a web of clues with a splash of ingenuity, as they linked seemingly unrelated items like airbags and Wikipedia to energy and alcoholic drinks. The ‘New Year Name Five’ added to the excitement, pushing them to brainstorm activities fitting into minimalist themes like decluttering or healthier living.

The final round, a video round on historical figures, sports, and more, was a buzzer-beating bonanza with Bob mistakenly linking badminton and poker before hitting the nail with pickleball. It brought to life the thrill of the show, showcasing the heated yet friendly competition. A highlight was identifying Rosa Parks as ‘the First Lady of civil rights.’ As the game intensified, we virtually toured Yellowstone National Park, toasted to the founders of Arby’s, and reminisced over ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.’ The showdown reached a climax with a tie between Bob and Tyler, leading to a tie-breaker round where Tyler triumphed, guessing closest to the number of jelly beans in a pound. The episode showcased the essence of the show: laughter, learning, and the sheer joy of trivia, intertwined with guests’ personal stories and endeavors.


Stuff I Never Knew Trivia Game Show tests your knowledge with facts you may have never known before! Host Jeff Revilla welcomes three guests to play three rounds of high stakes trivia. 

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