“Deanna -vs- Joel -vs- Wize” Trivia Game Show – Episode 150!

We are celebrating our 150th Episode!

What do cookies, milk and Rocky Balboa have to do with each other? 

Find out in this all-new kinda-Christmasy episode of Stuff I Never Knew.

My guests tonight are:
Deanna Kozarov
Intuitive Eating and Wellness Coach

Joel Elfman
BodyMind Hypnotic

Wize Otero
Real Wize Productions and Stuck in My Mind Podcast

Our Categories are:
Round 1: Christmas Quotes:  Who Said it?
Round 2: Connections Quiz + NAME 5
Round 3: New Year New Buzzers

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In the latest episode of ‘Stuff I Never Knew,’ titled ‘Deanna-vs-Joel-vs-Wize-Trivia-Show-Ep-150,’ the competition was as fierce as the amusement was high. Host Jeff Revilla guided the contestants through the intellectual obstacle course with humor and enthusiasm. The episode unfolded over a succession of three rounds, each proving to be a showdown of wits and trivial wisdom. 

In Round 1, ‘Christmas Quotes: Who Said It?,’ the episode evoked the holiday spirit along with a sense of nostalgia by quoting famous personalities. Deanna showed an early knack for attribution, identifying Charles Dickens as the mind behind the famous quote about honoring Christmas. On the other hand, Joel used elimination strategy to correctly attribute a quote to Winston Churchill, while Wize’s knowledge of pop culture shined when he recognized Dr. Seuss’s reflection on the true nature of Christmas. Further highlights included Deanna’s spot-on guess linking George Carlin to a humorous observation about Santa. Joel stayed close to the lead by recognizing the wisdom of Carrie Fisher, and Wize closed the round by identifying Kelly Clarkson’s hopeful musing on the holiday season. 

With Round 2, ‘Connections Quiz + NAME 5,’ the game show took a shift to test associative thinking. This round demonstrated Deanna’s impressive ability to draw connections between seemingly disparate words, as she successfully linked ‘cookie’ to a list including ‘cookie monster,’ ‘cookie jar,’ ‘cookie Crisp,’ and ‘cookie dough.’ Despite her prowess, she stumbled on the bonus question regarding the gifts in ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas.’ Joel, introduced as a hypnotist and coach, faced his own challenges yet managed to close the gap by recognizing a variety of animal-related clues that centered around milk-producing creatures, although he mistakenly first considered ‘hoofed animals’ as the unifying theme. 

Round 3, ‘New Year New Buzzers,’ brought an energizing start to the year with the contestants buzzing to guess clues from categories such as ‘What am I?’ and ‘Who am I?’ The tongue-in-cheek questions required quick thinking and agile minds, with Joel identifying ‘Aurora Borealis’ and Wize correctly connecting ‘Rocky four’ with the Rocky fight. However, it was Wize’s guess on the US population in 2021 that clinched him the bonus point during a challenging tiebreaker question, leading to his victory.

Stuff I Never Knew Trivia Game Show tests your knowledge with facts you may have never known before! Host Jeff Revilla welcomes three guests to play three rounds of high stakes trivia.