“Richard -vs- Cathy -vs- Dominick” – Episode 152 – Trivia Game Show

In the latest episode of ‘Stuff I Never Knew,’ host Jeff Revilla introduced listeners to a competitive yet fun-filled trivia game featuring three guests: Kathy, Dominick, and Richard. This episode turned out to be an engaging contest of wits, knowledge, and quick thinking, immersing both the guests and listeners into a world of offbeat and enlightening questions.

My guests tonight are:
Cathy Nesbitt
Multi-award-winning entrepreneur

Richard Wilmore
Hearts Need Art

Dominick Domasky
Motivation Champs

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Here’s a play-by-play summary that captures the essence of the episode:

Round 1: Top Tens Clash
Jeff kicked off the game with the Top Tens category, challenging the participants to name items on three highly debatable lists: the top ten best drinks, best decades to live in since 1900, and the best smells in the world. The latter proved tricky as ‘Roses’ earned no points. The extensive list did include more evocative scents like fresh air, vanilla, and the earthiness of rain and campfires. It was here that Dominick demonstrated his prowess, taking an early lead that he would maintain throughout the game.

A Myriad of Random Questions
The hot seat was indeed sizzling as each guest faced a barrage of evolution, literary, theatrical, and even mythical queries. It showcased the diversity of their knowledge, as well as some humorous incorrect guesses – but it was the viola that finally won Richard a point.

New Year’s Themed ‘Name Five’ Challenge
As the new year themes emerged, so did the ‘name five’ challenges. The guests’ ability to summon New Year-related items under pressure was both amusing and impressive, adding to the competitive yet cordial atmosphere.

Tiebreaker and the Thrill of Victory
As the points tallied up—Dominick with nine, Kathy with four, and Richard with three—a tiebreaker became necessary to crown the episode’s trivia champion. The card sharks’ game decided it all, with Dominick clinching the win through a higher card guess.

The episode concluded with a question on a fundamental concept in biology. Kathy’s correct answer, ‘natural selection,’ highlighted the educational aspect of the show. Listeners left with fresh trivia knowledge and a reminder of the joy that comes from learning something new, all while being entertained by the friendly contest. It was another memorable installment of ‘Stuff I Never Knew,’ where each episode reveals just how much fun trivia can be with the right company.


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