Sara -vs- Chris -vs- Nico – Episode 154 – Trivia Game Show Podcast

Florida Man did what?!?
Why does your thumb turn green?
Does anyone other than Jeff remember Ron Popeil?

Stuff I Never Knew Trivia Game Show tests your knowledge with facts you may have never known before! Host Jeff Revilla welcomes three guests to play three rounds of high stakes trivia.

My Guests Tonight are:
Sara Bradford AKA SJ Childs

Chris Liguori
Pub Trivia Exprience Podcast

Nico Pengin
Creator – Gamer – Author

Our Rounds Tonight are:
ROUND 1: Florida Man True or False
ROUND 2: Healthy Food Connections + NAME 5
ROUND 3: Buzzer Fighter Battle Round

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In the latest episode of Stuff I Never Knew, host Jeff Revilla started off by introducing the game show and his guests Sarah, Chris, and Nico. The first segment was a ‘Florida Man’ true or false game where guests took turns guessing the veracity of various outrageous Florida news headlines. Sarah answered correctly on her first attempt, followed by Chris and then Nico. Chris, a Florida native, managed to take a lead with three points in this round.

Sarah kicks off Round 2, from Salt Lake City and talked about her show ‘The SJ Child Show’ which focuses on neurodiversity and special education. She went on to answer questions related to healthy food connections but struggled a bit.

Chris discussed his show ‘Pub Trivia Experience’ and the expansion to a network that includes a series of podcasts. During his turn, Chris aced the healthy food connection questions.

Nico, joining from snowy Boston, talked about his podcast ‘Gamers Guide of Productivity’ which looks at gamification and its application in real life. His questions in the game related to avocados and he eventually got the answer right.

Round 3 continued with a video round where contestants had to buzz in and answer. Amelia Earhart and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu were correctly guessed by the contestants, but questions about Thomas Edison and a location with sand dunes were answered incorrectly. There were more questions about government, food, and movies.

The hosts and guests engaged in playful banter, trying to guess the correct pronunciation of ‘Mojave Desert’. The show drew to a close with another affirming round of participants’ guesses. At the end, the participants were congratulated, with Jeff inviting the guests to share their contact information for listeners who may want to follow their shows. Throughout, the host navigated the game with the usual trivia questions interspersed with some lighthearted humor.