“Steven -vs- Jim -vs- Jonathan” – Trivia Game Show – Episode 151

New Year’s Resolutions, Randomness and Desserts are featured in this all-new kinda-New-Yearsy episode of Stuff I Never Knew. 

I’ve got 3 great guests joining me tonight:

Botset Designs

Fallacious Trump Podcast

Our categories are:
ROUND 1: Are We Getting Better with Our Goals?
ROUND 2: Totally Randomness + Dessert Name 5
ROUND 3: Happy New Years Buzzers!

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In this episode of “Stuff I Never Knew,” host Jeff Revilla introduces the three contestants, Steven, Jonathan, and Jim. The episode opens with a light-hearted atmosphere, marked by the cheerful theme music and Jeff’s engaging hosting style. The contestants are each given an opportunity to introduce themselves, sharing their location, profession, and personal interests. Steven talks about his love for visiting the largest retro arcade in the world, Jonathan shares his work as a graphic designer, and Jim introduces his podcast “Fallacious Trump” that focuses on critical thinking, logical fallacies, and politics.

The first round of trivia begins with an interesting game called “Are We Getting Better with Our Goals?” Jeff discusses New Year’s resolution popularity lists from 2019 and 2023, prompting the contestants to determine if certain goals have become more or less popular over time. The interactive format allows each contestant to provide their insights on the changing trends of popular resolutions, such as moving to another country, learning a new language, and exercising more.

As the game progresses, the competition becomes intense as the contestants speculate on the shifting priorities of society. There is banter between the contestants and the host as they provide their reasoning for their answers, creating an engaging and dynamic atmosphere. The round culminates in a tied score, showcasing the competitive spirit and knowledge of the contestants.

Moving into the second round, Steven, Jonathan, and Jim face a series of random questions and a challenge to name five dessert-themed items. The rapid-fire format adds excitement to the episode as the participants showcase their knowledge on subjects ranging from sports to language and cuisine. Despite the time pressure, the contestants demonstrate quick thinking and a diverse range of expertise in responding to the unpredictable questions.

In the final round, the contestants engage in a fast-paced game of identifying famous personalities, inventions, and natural resources based on clues provided by Jeff. The intensity mounts as the contestants compete to buzz in first and accurately answer the challenging questions. The game culminates in Jim emerging as the winner, showcasing his breadth of knowledge and quick reflexes in responding to the clues.

Overall, the episode offers an entertaining blend of trivia challenges and lighthearted interaction among the host and contestants. The engaging format and diverse range of topics covered in the trivia questions keep the audience entertained and provide valuable insights into the contestants’ personalities and intellectual prowess.


Stuff I Never Knew Trivia Game Show tests your knowledge with facts you may have never known before! Host Jeff Revilla welcomes three guests to play three rounds of high stakes trivia. 

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