Keith -vs- Robert -vs- Zabe – Episode 146 – Trivia Game Show Podcast!

This is an ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION EPISODE!  Every question asked on this show was asked on a previous show!

ROUND 1 – Are these names of earthworms, chemicals found in makeup OR BOTH
– 90s Movies, I want to go to Hawaii, That happened in June?
ROUND 3 – BUZZER Battle Buzz Bats

My Guests Tonight are:
Host of Who Will Save Generation X? The Podcast

Host of Accelerated Culture Podcast

Product Manager

Play by Play Summary as seen by Artificial Intelligence!

In ‘Stuff I Never Knew – Episode 146 with Keith vs Robert vs Zabe,’ the three rounds of trivia unfolded with an array of questions ranging from guessing if terms were earthworms or chemicals in makeup, to 90s movie trivia, Hawaiian facts, and a variety of timed quick-response challenges. Here’s a play by play of the trivia rounds:

Round 1: The episode kicked off with a unique game segment where guests had to identify if given terms were types of earthworms, chemicals found in makeup, or both. Zabe started strong by correctly identifying ‘ultramarine’ as makeup. Robert jumped in, correctly guessing ‘Prussian blue’ as an earthworm, while Keith showed his prowess in the segment by getting several right, including ‘Ben Hammina’ and ‘Haplotaxaday,’ leading to bonus points and a solid lead with four points.

Round 2: The second round had Zabe in the hot seat answering questions about 90s movies, Hawaii, and events from June. Zabe bagged points for identifying Taco Bell as the sole restaurant in the ‘Demolition Man’ movie, recognized tourism as Hawaii’s top business category, but got stumped on the car manufacturer question which was ‘Plymouth.’ Keith got two out of three correct in his turn, acing questions about ‘The Rock’ and black sand beaches in Hawaii but slipping on the Department of Homeland Security founding year. Robert seemed to be a fan favorite with his escape room game master background, correctly identifying ‘The Matrix’ but fumbling on Hawaii’s drinkable crop, which was not coconuts.

Round 3: The final round was a video segment where contestants had to answer ‘Who am I?’ ‘What am I?’ and ‘Where am I?’ based on gradually revealed clues. Keith extended his lead by identifying Elton John and chess correctly, while Zabe contributed as well, correctly identifying paper and the music icon Whitney Houston. However, Keith also made a misstep guessing ‘Montana’ for a location that receives more snow than Chicago, which was actually Hawaii. Keith demonstrated his quick-thinking by correctly identifying ‘lice’ as the answer to the final question. Despite technical difficulties hampering Robert’s participation, all contestants displayed competitive spirit and knowledge across various topics. The game concluded with Keith victorious at 15 points, closely followed by Zabe at 14, and Robert at 11 points despite the tech issues.

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