International Incident with the D4WH Podcast – Episode 86

We’ve got a special episode tonight! The D4WH – A Doctor Who podcast is back from Future Australia!

We’ll play 3 rounds of trivia tonight:
ROUND 1: Australia, Austria or Auckland New Zealand
ROUND 2: All Tri-Bonds!

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Play Australia, Austria or Auckland New Zealand with your Friends!

Spray on Skin
Australia in Perth 1999

Digital Clock

Google Maps
Australian – Developed in Sydney

Electronic Pacemaker
Australian – in the 1920s

Wi-Fi Technology
Australian – in the 1992 by John O’Sullivan

Inflatable Slide and Raft for Airplanes
Jack Grant in 1965 Australia

Black Box Flight Recorder
Australian Invention in by Dr David Warren in 1934

Pez Candy Dispenser

Ultrasound Scanner – LET ME SEE THAT BABY!

Scorecard for Episode 86 with the D4WH Podcast