Chris -vs- Melissa -vs- Devin featuring ‘Does Randy Know? – Episode 123

This is a super fun episode! On tonight’s who Chris, Melissa and Devin will battle it out over 3 rounds of trivia.  In Round 1, we have a special guest from the Fayette County Fair, Randy!  My guests will have to determine in Randy will know the answer to some Holiday Trivia Questions

My categories tonight are:
Does Randy Know
ROUND 2: -Food Museums, 1970’s Tech, Decade Debuts
ROUND 3: – Brainstorming Buzzing Buzzers

My guests tonight are:
Melissa Price

Emotion Commotion

Devin Garcia
Stretch Love Yoga

Chris Liguori
The Pub Trivia Experience Podcast

Stuff I Never Knew Trivia Game Show tests your knowledge with facts you may have never known before! Host Jeff Revilla welcomes three guests to play three rounds of high stakes trivia.

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