TriviaSummit.Live – 3 Major Announcements

Trivia and Games Summit

Hey, everybody. It’s Jeff. Welcome back to Stuff I Never Knew.

I have so many announcements for you right now. This is going to blow your mind!

We are recording new episodes right now as we speak. We’ve been picked up by the Armstrong Neighborhood Channel. It’s a local cable company and we’re actually recording Stuff I Never Knew versions for television! In between those episodes, we are recording  podcast versions as well. You will get both the local cable shows and the recorded podcast delivered to you right here on your podcast player.

So expect four new episodes a month, very soon!

Now the big, big announcement!

Why haven’t I been recording episodes? Why is this all just starting up again? Now?

The truth is, I am in the process of putting together a Trivia and Games Summit under a production company I started called, Poduty! This is a three day event. It’s going to run April 12 through April 14. If you just remember this URL,

That’ll take you to the registration page.

We have Carmela Smith from FourPlay, we have the guys from the Triviality Podcast, Game Show Ready, Who will save Generation X?,

Something, Something, Birds, is coming back with a special 30 minute pre recorded episode. That’s going to be phenomenal. LIVE From the Beach Bungalow, The Stuff I Never Knew Trivia Game Show Podcast, PowerPoint Showdown. And more! More are going to be announced each week as we get closer to the event in April.

This is a three day event. It costs $5 per night to get three to four hours of live stream trivia and games shows to you. For the entire event that ticket is just $15.

100% of the ticket sales go to the host goes and go to supporting their shows.

This is a whole event! A whole extravaganza. It is the Lollapalooza of trivia! – Get registered! ! !


I’ve been taking old questions from Stuff I Never Knew and converting them into short little YouTube videos. I’m calling this new show Trivia with Jeff. So if you love my voice, if you love some of my old questions, just type in Trivia with Jeff. That’ll take you right to the YouTube page. And there you can see what I’ve been working on.

I’m taking the old questions, using artificial intelligence to create videos and I’m doing a voiceover with them. They’re about four to five minutes long.

You are up to date ! ! !