Battle of the Sci-Fi Authors – Episode 105

This is a great episode! Join me as 3 Science Fiction writers battle it out, head to head, over 3 rounds of trivia!

Our categories tonight are:
Can you get those wet?
ROUND 2: Tri-Bonds

On this episode, we will welcome back Adeena Mignogna: Science Fiction Author and author of Crazy Foolish Robots.

And we will meet:
Julia Huni, Author – author of The Earth Concurrence, The Grissom Contention, and The Saha Declination

Marcus Alexander Hart aka Your old pal, Marcus Alexander Hart – author of Galaxy Cruise series!

If you are in Las Vegas November on Friday November 12th, be sure to stop by Bally’s and meet Julia and Marcus at the 20Books Vegas Author Signing 2021 (Admission is free!)

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