Lynn -vs- Ally -vs- Brian – Episode 142 – Does This Tree Have Nuts?

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About Tonight’s Show:
Can you name 5 uses for duct tape? 
Does Jeff pronounce “Ficus Benghalensis” correctly? (He absolutely does not.)
What is the only underwater monument to a Civil War Battle? (Does anybody read these descriptions?)

Stuff I Never Knew Trivia Game Show tests your knowledge with facts you may have never known before! Host Jeff Revilla welcomes three guests to play three rounds of high stakes trivia.

My Guest Tonight are:
Lynn Power

Ally Piñon
Aspiring Social Media Influencer

Brian Ortega
Returning Champion and Maker of the Videos!

Our Categories Tonight are:
Does This Tree Have Nuts?
Tribonds, 90’s Movies, US History

How AI Reviewed this Episode:
In episode 142 of the “Stuff I Never Knew” podcast, titled “Lynn vs Ally vs Brian,” host Jeff Revilla welcomes three guests – Lynn, Ally, and Brian – for a trivia game showdown. The episode kicks off with Jeff acknowledging a correct answer about leggings earning two points, highlighting the guests’ knowledge.

Throughout the episode, Jeff poses challenging questions from various categories, including tribons, 90s movies, and US history. The contestants engage in a close competition, with Lynn leading with seven points, Brian with six, and Ally yet to score. As the game progresses, Jeff provides clues for vague questions, allowing players to buzz in and guess the answer for additional points. However, contestants must be cautious, as answering incorrectly could lead to losing points.

Moving forward, Jeff shares exciting news about September 30 being International Podcast Day. He cordially invites listeners to join a twelve-hour live stream, featuring different podcasters every half hour. Jeff encourages everyone to register for free tickets via the provided link. 

Wrapping up the episode, the contestants continue to battle it out, with the aim of emerging as the ultimate trivia champion. Listeners are left eagerly anticipating future episodes, hoping to see who will take center stage and what exciting trivia challenges lie ahead.

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