Dina -vs- Jenny -vs- Graeme – Episode 149

Which animals have fetlocks, forelocks and withers? 
How well do you know Christmas songs?
What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?

I’ve got 3 great guests joining me tonight


Life Coach at Jentle Coaching

The Love Pod

Ember Sky Media

Our Categories Tonight are:
ROUND 1: Absurdly Very Vague Christmas Song
ROUND 2: Nursery Rhyme Connection Quiz + NAME 5
ROUND 3: Buzzer Bonus Point Final Round

Spoiler Alerts from AI

In episode 149 of ‘Stuff I Never Knew,’ we kick off with host Jeff Revilla enthusiastically welcoming everyone and introducing the holiday songs game with guests Jenny, Dina, and Graeme.

The challenge? To identify Christmas songs described in the most obscure manner. Jenny starts strong, her first guess of ‘Silent Night’ is spot on. Dina mixes ‘Winter Wonderland’ with ‘Frosty the Snowman’ and is corrected, realizing Jeff’s clue was a trap. Graeme promptly names ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ for a song about hoofed animals led by a luminous leader.

As points are awarded, we see a tie with each guest scoring three points. Jenny’s introduction highlights her life coaching business, Gentle Coaching, and her upcoming sports-themed podcast, ‘Sideline Sisters.’ Jenny nails nursery rhyme connections, hitting a perfect score for the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ series and the Christmas gifts bonus round.

Dina steps up, sharing about her podcast ‘Love Pod,’ recapping reality TV. She excels at her nursery rhyme segment, connecting ‘Humpty Dumpty’ before acing her Christmas gifts list.

Graeme, from Embersky Media, discusses his focus on science and technology while hinting at his podcast ventures. His nursery rhyme challenge points to ‘The Three Little Pigs,’ but his gift-giving round doesn’t go as smoothly.

The final, fast-paced round sees guests buzzing in to solve a ‘Who am I?’ series of riddles with Graeme identifying the Aurora Borealis.

In a game filled with festive spirit, clever clues, and a bit of singing, the episode promises to be an entertaining holiday treat for all listeners of ‘Stuff I Never Knew.’

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