The Bucky Booze Podcast joins me for 3 rounds of trivia

Mixed Drink or Heavy Metal Band – With the Bucky Booze Podcast – Episode 90

This week, Jules and Hope join me for 3 rounds of trivia!  We’re  playing 3 brand new games this week. Hope and Jules are from the Bucky Booze Podcast.  You can find their show on all the podcast apps or over at: Our Categories this week are:Round 1:  Mixed Drink or Heavy Metal Band (or both)Round 2:  4 Question ConnectionRound …

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Episode 81 with Vox Vomitus

Are These Prescription Drugs or Pokemon Characters – Episode 81

Three great guests from the Vox Vomitus Podcast join me tonight for 3 rounds of trivia. Tonight’s Categories are:Round 1: Prescription Drug or PokemonRound 2: Connections QuizFinal Round: 3 – 2 – 1 My guests areTrisha McKee the Surface on Amazon Jennifer Gordon, Frightening and SilentFrom Daylight to Madness Allison Martine on Amazon and Kindle unlimitedLook for the Bourbon Special …

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Episode 80 with DuoPodcasts

Do You Even Russian, Bro? – Episode 80

My guests tonight are:Matthias and Jovan from the DuoPodcastFollow @theofficial_dynamicduo on instagram for more updates! Our Categories are:Round 1 – Do you even Russian, Bro?Round 2 – Music, Geography, Soooooo Cheesy with Name 5Final Round – 3 – 2 – 1 Specials thanks to the D4WH – A Doctor Who Podcast for opening the show! Listen to ALL 80 episodes …

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Episode 76 Live Trivia

Earthworms or Makeup – Episode 76

This was a SUPER FUN episode with 3 AMAZING GUESTS! This week our categories were:ROUND 1: Earthworms or MakeupROUND 2: TriBonds, Geography, Movies and Name 5FINAL ROUND: 3 – 2 – 1 BONUS! Special thanks to:Moxie LaBouche of the Your Brain on Facts podcast Colleen and Bridgett of the Hot Flashes and Cool Topics Be sure to check them out …

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