Why Do Americans Say That? Episode 78 with the D4WH Podcast

The crew from the D4WH – A Doctor Who podcast joins me tonight for 3 rounds of Trivia!

Adam O’Sullivan, comedian, improviser, co-host of D4WH
Nicchia Schutt Toleman, comedian and co-host of D4WH
Rebekah Wolfenden (BekTech), D4WH audio tech

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Our Categories are:
Round 1: Ok, Spill the beans! Why on Earth to Americans SAY THAT?
Round 2: Animals, Currencies of the World, Flags and Name 5
Final Round: 3 – 2 – 1

Show opened by Brendan Hickey of the Not Your Normal Hickey Podcast

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Live Trivia Scorecard for Episode 78