Episode 88 Toast with Stuck in My Mind and Talking Real 1000

New York City Before Or After New York City – Episode 88

Join me as we play 3 rounds of live trivia!

Our categories tonight are:
ROUND 1: New York City Before or After New York City
ROUND 2: In the Movies, Kind of Not Geography, Tri-Bond and Name 5
ROUND 3: 3 – 2 – 1 Bonus Round

My guests will be:
Papi Jae and King Seis of the
Talking Real 1000 Podcast

Wize from the
Stuck In My Mind Podcast

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Play Along at Home – Questions from Round 1

Does the population of New York City Reach 8,000,000 people before or after the Yankees Win their 23rd World Series? The first in 18 years.

AFTER – The 2000 census reveals NYC population is over 8,000,000. The Yankees win in 96

Does the TV Show Friends debut on NBC before or after Sex and the City debuts on HBO?

BEFORE – Friends was in September 1994 and Sex and the City was 1998

Did David Dinkins become the Mayor of New York City before or after Billy JOel performed 7 live shows at Madison Square Garden?

AFTER – Mayor Dinkins was in 1991 and Bill Joel shows from June 23 – 29 1984

Does Late Night with David Letterman begin broadcasting BEFORE or AFTER Leona Helmsley was convicted of Tax Evasion?

BEFORE – Leona Helmsley was convicted in August of 1989 and Letterman began in 1982

Did the Ghostbusters save New York City from Zuul before or after Phantom of teh Opera opens on Broadway?

BEFORE – Ghostbusters in 1984 and Phantom in 1988

Does Macaulay Culkin get lost in New York City in Home Alone 2 before or after Q-Tip from Queens based A Tribe Called Quest leaves his wallet in El Segundo?

AFTER – Macaulay is 1992 and They had to go back to get it the wallet in 1990

Does Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign kick off at her headquarters in Brooklyn BEFORE or AFTER Donald Trumps presidential campaign kicks off at Trump Tower?

Before – Hillary was April 12, 2015 and Donald J Trump was June 16, 2015

Does Bill de Blasio become mayor of New York City before or after One World Trade Center opens?

BEFORE – Jan 1 2014 for de Blasio and November 3 2014 for One World Trade Center – BEFORE

Does the Main Location for the Carnegie Deli close BEFORE or AFTER the National 9/11 Museum Opens?

AFTER – Carnegie Deli closes on December 31 2016 AFTER the National 9/11 Museum Opens on May 21, 2014

Scorecard from Episode 88 with Stuck In My Mind and Talking Real 1000
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