Episode 77 Fire and Ice Make Water with Brendan, Nav and Harmat

Fire and Ice Make Water – Episode 77

I am joined by 3 guests tonight
Nav and Harmat of the A Song of Ice and Fire Symposium
Website: https://popculturesymposium.tumblr.com/
Podcast: https://popculturesymposium.buzzsprout.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/popculturesymposium

And Brendan Hickey of the Not Your Normal Hickey podcast

This week our categories are:
Round 1: Fire and Ice Make WATER!
Round 2: Food Museums, 1970’s Tech, Decade Debuts + Name 5
Final Round: 3 -2 -1 Bonus Hot Seat

Episode 77 Trivia Podcast.  Fire and Ice Make Water!

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Official Trivia Scoreboard for Episode 77 Fire and Ice Make Water
Fire and Ice Make Water – Episode 77 Click for Full Show Notes