Serenity -vs- Michael -vs- Emily – Episode 136 – Trivia Battle!

Three rounds of trivia coming your way!

About tonight’s show:
Who is Chappie?
What Back To The Future question will Jeff ask this time?
Did Ron Popeil invent EVERYTHING?

Our Categories are:
Can Not Compute
ROUND 2: Inventors, Baseball Team Nicknames, Apples
ROUND 3: Bring Your Own Buzzers

Please welcome my guests to the show and check out their links:
Michael Liddicoat
Talking Ops

Serenity Sage
Foster Care Social Worker

Emily Leshman
Step Mom / Wife / Daycare Teacher / Student / Always Busy

Stuff I Never Knew Trivia Game Show tests your knowledge with facts you may have never known before! Host Jeff Revilla welcomes three guests to play three rounds of high stakes trivia.

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