Les Merry Popular Mythstorie Opinion – Episode 103

Join me an 4 guests for
Cammy and Bryent from Mythstorie
Peter from Les Merry Chevaliers
Cody from Popular Opinion

Tonight’s Categories are:
ROUND 1: Is that bigger than a foot?
ROUND 2: Tri-bonds!
FINAL ROUND: Bring Your Own Buzzers

Thank you to my guests tonight!

About Mythstorie:
A show where Cammy, Bryent and Peter cover a wide range of myths, history, and legend.

About POPular Opinion
Funko Pops, Collectibles, Mystery Boxes, Comics, Gaming, Hilarious Intros and Weekly GameShow Livestreams! Make sure to Like & Subscribe and this channel is intended for Ages 13 and Older!

About Stuff I Never Knew:
We are your weekly trivia game show podcast. Each week players from around the world call in and battle it out over 3 rounds of trivia. Over 100 family friendly trivia episodes for you to enjoy! Check them out now https://stuffineverknew.com