Jillie Maria -vs- Melissa -vs- Ayla – Episode 156

I’ve got 3 great guests joining me tonight over 3 rounds of trivia!

Round 1: Tribonds
Round 2: Hot Seat General Knowledge +Name 5 Road  Trips
Round 3:

Jillie Maria
Medium and Intuitivehttps://jilliemaria.com/

Melissa Jackson
Owner of Melissa Jackson Photography

Curator’s Choice Podcast


This episode podcast featured an intense and exhilarating game of live trivia with three amazing guests – Ayla, Jillie Maria, and Melissa.

The competition was fierce as the contestants battled it out in a game called “Tri Bonds,” where they had to find the common thread between three words. From naming types of fish to identifying classic TV shows, the guests showcased their quick thinking and broad knowledge.

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The game was filled with suspense, exciting moments, and a few lighthearted mishaps, making it a thrilling experience for both the participants and the listeners. The round of questions covering topics like animals, planets, states, and environmental disasters kept the momentum going until the very end.

Melissa emerged as the champion, securing a well-deserved victory with her impressive performance. However, all the guests displayed great sportsmanship and a shared passion for trivia, making it an enjoyable and engaging episode for everyone involved.

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Until next time, keep those brain cells buzzing with knowledge and trivia tidbits!


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