Daniel -vs- Megan -vs- Cassie – Episode 157 – Movies I’ve Totally Probably Watched

Did Sherlock Holmes and Daniel Boone eat lasagna together while watching soccer on Mount Kilimanjaro?!

My Guests Tonight are:
Daniel Chan

Megan Gaul
Health Coach

Cassie Parks
Author and Coach

Our categories tonight are:
Movie Taglines
ROUND 2: Music Connections + Name 5
ROUND 3: 10 Questions Buzzer Round Extravaganza

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Welcome to “Stuff I Never Knew”! Tonight’s episode features a thrilling trivia game show with our host Jeff Revilla and our fantastic guests Daniel, Megan, and Cassie.

In round one, the contestants dive into the game “Taglines to Movies I’ve Totally Watched,” answering movie tagline questions. Megan takes an early lead with two correct answers, displaying her knowledge of famous movie taglines.

Cassie, an author and coach, shares valuable information about her books and website before showcasing her trivia skills in the music connection game during round two. She impressively answers all four questions correctly, showing her expertise in both knowledge and music connections.

Moving on, Cassie impresses further by correctly identifying five casino games, proving her extensive knowledge beyond traditional trivia subjects.

Megan, a health coach assisting individuals with weight loss, promotes her meal planning website and demonstrates her prowess in the music connection game, correctly identifying keywords and tying the answers to Lady Gaga.

Daniel, a magician who has performed internationally and virtually, shares his experiences and website for virtual shows. He then showcases his skill in the music connection game by correctly linking his answers to the Kardashians.

As the game intensifies, Megan and Daniel find themselves tied, leading to an exciting tiebreaker round. In an exhilarating finish, Megan emerges victorious, securing the win in a closely contested game.

The episode concludes as Jeff Revilla announces where each guest is from and invites listeners to join future episodes as contestants. The episode’s highlights include the contestants’ impressive knowledge, diverse backgrounds, and the nail-biting competition that kept listeners engaged throughout. Excitement, knowledge, and fun were front and center in tonight’s “Stuff I Never Knew” trivia game show!