Amy -vs- Debbie -vs- January Featuring “Does Tucker Know” – Episode 121

Tonight we are playing new game in Round 1. We went to the Fayette County Fair and asked random attendees a series of 9 questions. My guests have to determine if the Fair attendees know the answers to the questions!

Round1: Does Tucker Know
Round 2: Birds, Colors on The Map, Movies + Name 5
Round 3: Super Buzzer Bonus Extravaganza

I’ve got 3 great guests tonight! Be sure to check out their links

Amy Stone
Amy Says So

Debbie Harrell
The New World Normal Podcast
IG: @thenewworldnorm/

January Seymour
Transformation Life Coach

Stuff I Never Knew Trivia Game Show tests your knowledge with facts you may have never known before! Host Jeff Revilla welcomes three guests to play three rounds of high stakes trivia.

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