Episode 125 with Ruben Jay, Moxy Anne and SJ Childs

Ruben Jay -vs- Moxy Anne -vs- Sara

Was the ‘weed whacker’ invented in America? Who was the lead singer of ‘The Culture Club’? What the heck does NKOTBSB mean?!

Stuff I Never Knew Trivia Game Show tests your knowledge with facts you may have never known before!

Host Jeff Revilla welcomes three guests to play three rounds of high stakes trivia.

Ruben Jay: 


Moxy Anne:

Sara Bradford

(more…) Ruben Jay -vs- Moxy Anne -vs- Sara Click for Full Show Notes
Live Trivia with the You're My Best Friend Podcast

Oreo Cookie Flavor Challenge – Episode 87

Join me tonight for 3 rounds of trivia! My guests are from the You’re My Best Friend Podcast

Tonight’s Categories are:
ROUND 1: Real or Fake Flavors of Oreo Cookies
ROUND 2: Rock, Paper, Scissors + Name 5
FINAL ROUND: 3 -2 -1 with up to 30 Points!

On tonight’s show you will meet:
Moxy Anne – Vocalist at Heartless the Duo and Co-Host at You’re My Best Friend

Ruben Jay – Co-Host at You’re My Best Friend

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I’m going to give you flavors of Oreos and you have to tell me if I made them up or if they are real.  These flavors could be from anywhere around the world.  Also 2014 was a crazy year for Oreo, they launch a ton of new limited edition flavors.

Green Tea Oreo Cookies
REAL – Introduced in China and Japan

Peanut Butter Pretzel Oreos
FAKE – I made that up, but it sounds good!

Blue Raspberry Ice Cream flavored Oreo Cookies
Real – Introduced in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand

Fruit Punch Flavor Oreo Cookies
REAL – Limited time in 2014. Vanilla Cookies with Fruit Punch Cream

Chips Ahoy and Oreo Mashup – Chocolate Chip Cookie with Oreo Cream
FAKE – But sounds bomb as hell!

Root Beer Float Oreo Cookies
REAL – Two gold Oreo cookies with Root beer flavored cream

Peanut Butter and Jelly Oreo
REAL – August 2017 golden oreo with both peanut butter and jelly cream

Wasabi Flavored Oreo
REAL – August 2018 in China

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Oreos – Is this a real or fake Oreo Cookie?

FAKE – Although the closest to this was a Cinnamon Bun in 2016

Oreo Cookie Flavor Challenge – Episode 87 Click for Full Show Notes